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The CLIQ Web Manager software is available as a hosted environment through Abloy and the Server farm in Volvo IT, Sweden.

The dedicated Abloy Software teams set up and maintain the system designed around the master keying requirements of the end user.

A certified and encrypted high speed link keeps the Web Manager available to the Client PC’s and the Remote devices at all times.

An in house hosted environment can also be implemented.

MobilePD – NQ422

The personal handheld programming device.

Links to the GSM Network via a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone.

Standard 4x AAA battery supply.

Unique Bluetooth pin to link to your phone.

No data stored on the device and high level encryption used in all communication to the remote server.

Wall PD – NQ421

The wall mounted remote programming device utilises the existing Ethernet connection to send/receive key changes.

Loaded with a secure certificate and hard coded into the locking system Power via 12‐24v adapter or PoE Power Over Ethernet.

Email notifications sent via linked mail server.

No data stored on the device and high level encryption used in all communication to the remote server.

Programming Device – NQ500

The desktop programming device.

Using the Control Key and browser certificate the desktop programming device authenticates the connection to the Web Manager.

You can perform key and system changes from the Client PC using the NQ500.

Battery powered and linked via micro‐USB.

Not unique to the system so you can use your C‐Key to log in from any certified Client PC – Allowing administration over a wider area.