Product Categories

C‐Key – NQ403

The C‐Key or control key is used to gain authenticated access to the Web Manager via the Programming Device at the Client PC.

The C‐Key can also be used to carry out programming functions and audit collection at the cylinder level, as and when required.

99 C‐Keys can be used within the system to provide wide area administration

Programmable User Key – NQ407

  •  The remote programmable key.
  •  Mechanical and Electronic Master Keying available.
  • Weekly schedule can contain 50 time periods, even lock specific.
  • Collects up to 1800 most recent audits and stores the information.
  • Space internally for RFID Tag.
  • ATEX Approved IP57 Rated


wide range of Abloy Padlocks are available in CLIQ including the introduction of the SWP Range, a new weather resistant padlock designed to work in harsh conditions with an IP57 rating.

Both mechanical and electromechanical products can be combined within the master key system to ensure total security whilst reducing the cost.
Full Padlock audits can also be collected.

CLIQ brings Access Control to padlock‐secured installations