From here you can find case studies of the existing ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE implementations.

Discussion about benefits of ABLOY CLIQ –system at the Joensuu city health station

Background why the application has been implemented?

We wanted to control the system of medicines because we had some problems. We have about 15 doctors, a lot of nurses and a hospital of 160 beds. Health personnel are very reliable and we can trust them but sometimes something may happen and also we have some visitors to visit patients. We have had some losses of medicines and we wanted to find a solution for that.


Have the attitudes among the personnel changed?

Now the key is very personal property and everyone is taking very good care of it. It is also for their own safety. So that when they go to the medicine cabin and they open it, then the key will remember when he or she has been there and also the lock remembers.

We get audit trail so we know exactly who has done and what. That’s why it is easy and simple and even if you lose the key, which has not yet happened, it is easy because you don’t need to change all the locks

The benefits have been found at the Siilainen health station which is the central area. Then there are 2-3 other places about ten kilometres away which are administered from this central station.

We have eight health stations in the city altogether. Joensuu is now geographically quite a large area when several other municipatilys have been merged with joensuu

Are you ready to recommend to city municipality to go forward and maybe install same kind of system in to the new areas that have been joined Joensuu city already?

It’s not difficult to guess my answer, it’s very clear yes. I wouldn’t like to go back to the old system. Comparing the budget we are using for the health and social welfare in the city the investment is small. Now I’m actually very happy that we are so lucky to have Abloy as a partner to come and help us.