Electricity industry

The security of electricity plants is essential to people’s well being and as such its protection is vital. 24/7 service without any interruption is of the highest priority therefore all security measures and prevention of sabotage are justified. Premises and equipment need to be protected against all kinds of sabotage.

Example case study in electricity industry:
When there is a problem with the distribution of electricity contractors are in hurry. These situations come suddenly and can not be foreseen. Still it would be good that contractors could access sites only when they need to. With ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE access can be given remotely to the contractor so that one can access to the site only when needed.

Gas and petroleum industry

Gas industry consists of a huge variety of locations which have all certain security requirements. Everything has to work seamlessly both in upstream and in downstream. Vandalism or physical attack is not an option when handling flammable material such as gas.

Example case study in gas industry:
There are different security levels in the gas industry and not all locks need to be high security, however the ability to give users only one key with various access rights is the ideal solution. With ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE there can be locks that have only mechanical verification and locks that have both mechanical and electronic verification.

Water industry

Water industry uses a huge complex of storage reservoirs, water cleaning plants, pumping stations and distribution pipelines. In order to secure uninterrupted distribution they have to protect the purity of water and defend it from contamination. Premises and equipment need to be protected against all kind of vandalism.

Example case study in water industry:

Lost keys are expensive in water industry, because you have to change all the locks if a key is lost. With ABLOY CLIQ REMOTE  it is not risk because the key has both the mechanical and electronic security. The electronic element of the key can be disabled which means that key does not work anymore.